Friday, April 1, 2011

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Pute Pride (05) - 22Mar08, Paris (France)

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Image by philippe leroyer

[Taken in Paris (France) - 22Mar08]

Prostitutes, male and female, were demonstrating for their rights to do their job freely and legally, without being accused neither victimized.

See all the photos of this demonstration in this set : 22Mar08 - Pute Pride [Event]

Man Allegedly Karate Chops Air Marshal During Flight

ATLANTA -- In-flight movies may feature martial arts, but some airline passengers apparently got to see the real thing on a recent flight that ended with a man being subdued by air marshals.

Read more on FOX 8 Cleveland

Charlie Sheen's 'worst secrets' to come

Charlie Sheen's 'worst secrets' could be revealed if he goes to court against Brooke Mueller.

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